The Most Effective Sales Techniques

Most sales professionals have experienced the standard training. These basic trainings are often put on by companies to teach the bare minimum in selling techniques. NLP sales training encompasses the basics of selling and adds the specific underlying techniques that are entirely unknown to most salespeople.

Most salespeople believe that you have to be born to be a salesman. Looking at the disparity in numbers between the top salespeople and the rest of a sales team, one can quickly come to this conclusion. Fortunately, this is not true.

Some salespeople learn from their early environment, i.e., parents, teachers, relatives, experience the secrets of persuasion. Some salespeople learn these persuasion techniques from NLP training. Whether you learned as a child or learn as an adult, the result is precisely the same, more sales.

1. Building rapport. All sales training stresses building rapport with the prospect. A standard practice tells you that building rapport is an external activity focused on finding similarities between the prospect and yourself. An NLP sales training demonstrates the rapport process through body language, voice intonation, and other much more subtle and practical approaches.

2. Finding a need. All training discusses finding a need with your prospect. The difference with NLP sales training is in the questions used to find this need. An NLP sales training incorporates a wide range of questioning designed to elicit the most pressing needs a prospect may have.

3. Reframing objections. A standard training discusses a few ways of answering a prospect’s objections. An NLP training takes reframing of objections to a new level. Techniques such as sleight of mouth are used to reframe an objection in fourteen different ways. Having fourteen different answers to an objection is nearly guaranteed to get you the sale.

There are many other differences between NLP sales training and regular sales training. Knowing just these few differences will show you that NLP sales training makes a huge difference in sales performance.

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